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Areas of Practice


Project management

From Project Initiation and Planning through Implementation to final deliverable, Elusen delivers results on-time and on budget for IT projects, process improvement projects, service quality improvement projects and others.

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data, analyze, synthesize and present of the findings for Boards of Directors and Executive teams
  • Incorporate change management practices for sustainable results

Examples of projects managed by Ms. Landry include:

  • ERP Enhancement: Automate Order Entry Fees (Prime-Line Products) - Manage a cross-functional team to document business requirements to automate restocking fees, repackaging fees, and discounts at Order Entry.  Support IT solution design and development, user testing, training and implementation.
  • Service Quality Improvement (Kinetic Flow Corp & Tri-Counties Regional Center) - Work with a  team of subject matter experts to define goals, measure key aspects of service quality, analyze data, recommend improvements and confirm results.

Corporate Philanthropy

Is your company actively engaged in giving back?  Corporate philanthropy benefits your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.  AND philanthropy can be scaled for your business size and needs.  For more information, read the update on the News page or contact Elusen.


fa·cil·i·tate (verb) - to make an action or process easier.

Engaging a team, staying focused on outcomes, while managing time constraints can be challenging; a Certified Facilitator ensures a high-quality return on invested time.

From Strategic Planning with your Board of Directors to Leadership team brainstorming on products and services to designing Mission and Vision statements with key stakeholders, Elusen can work with you to design and facilitate a meeting plan to maximize participant contributions, keep the group focused and produce quality outcomes.

Examples of facilitation services provided by Ms. Landry include:

  • Redwood Coast Regional Center, Board of Directors Strategic Planning Meeting
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center, Leadership Team Service Quality Improvement Meeting
  • HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, Leadership Development


Process Improvement

Improving processes can have greater value and more immediate impact on profitability than growing sales.  And, effective processes are a key to providing quality products and services.  Elusen can help identify the root cause of problem areas, work with your team to design and implement solutions and then measure the improvement.

Examples of Process Improvement initiatives lead by Ms. Landry include:

  • Item Change Request Process (Prime-Line Products) - Lead a cross-functional team to streamline roles, responsibilities, communication and processes, saving the company 100s of thousands of dollars each year.
  • Customer Complaint Process (Prime-Line Products) - Work with a cross-functional team to create a closed-end process to resolving and tracking customer complaints; create procedural documents and provide user training.


Training is an investment that can pay big dividends.  Elusen, Inc. has been developing and delivering customized curriculum for over 10 years. Depending on the topic, curriculum  may be developed as team, translating complex concepts from subject matter experts into easily understood exercises.  Or it may be developed independently by Elusen and shared with your team.

Training delivery is critical to overall success.  Ms. Landry believes in a fun, collaborative learning process that engages the heart, as well as the mind, and where participants talk more than the trainer.

Examples of customized training developed and delivered by Ms. Landry include:

  • Process Documentation Training (Prime-Line Products) - Six modules, including Active Listening, SMART goals and Continuous Improvement
  • Interviewing People with Developmental Disabilities (CSU Sacramento & Kinetic Flow Corp) - CSU Sacramento was awarded a contract to interview people with developmental disabilities throughout the state.  Ms. Landry worked with subject matter experts to design and deliver training to ensure meaningful results.  

Proposal & Grant Writing

Is your business interested in contracting for a government project? Is your non-profit organization seeking funding? Is there a proposal you know you can win if you had the time/know how to work through the submittal requirements?

Ms. Landry has authored or co-authored over 100 proposals, grants and research papers, achieving awards of over $1.75 million.

Elusen can help you write winning proposals.

Examples of Proposals and Grants written by Ms. Landry include:

  • Bay Area Quality Management Consumer Satisfaction Survey (Kinetic Flow Corp.)
  • Management of a Consumer-Directed Program for Persons with Disabilities (Kinetic Flow Corp and Oregon Technical Assistance Corp.)