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The Power Of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy is a low-cost, profitable policy for any company in today's competitive environment. 

Benefits for Associates

  • Feel proud to be associated with the company
  • Build/Promote a positive corporate culture
  • Build/Promote cross-functional teamwork

Benefits for the Bottom Line

  • Attract/Keep the best associates
  • Engaged employees generate more earning
  • Customers value good corporate citizenship

A recent Newsweek survey found that 76% of white collar workers said that they would "leave a company if their community service outreach program started to slip or was completely removed." In the same survey, nearly 85% of millenials stated that community service outreach programs "will highly impact which organizations they choose to create an employment relationship with."

Benefits for Customers

  • Customers value good corporate citizenship
  • Company is perceived to be in touch with local issues
  • Company is perceived to be part of the solution
  • Generates positive social media opportunities
  • "Consumers give more weight to a company's reputation than their products"

According to the Reputation Institute, 41% of consumer perception is based on "3 community service project relate factors: citizenship, workplace, governance."

Tanya Landry